Hello from this place we call Pigworld.

It's a regular place, with all the situations that affect "everyday people". After all, Pegleg Pig is just a handful of everyday people getting through life.

The thing that sets us apart is the music we create. However, in that creation we choose to believe we are merely expressing the experiences and emotions that are inherent to all people. In that respect, all who hear and enjoy our music are as much a part of Pegleg Pig as the guys playing the songs. Thinking along those lines, it occurred to us that you should have an avenue to actually express your feelings in relation to our music.

Starting today, we will be taking comments from our listeners. We ARE interested in how you perceive our music, the feelings you have when listening, the memories you associate to the sound we offer.

We realize we should have offered this option from the beginning. To be truthful, in many ways we are absolute beginners. The necessities of recording and production seemed the most important aspects of our efforts, and we neglected the basic principle of input from those who hear and are stirred by The Pig. Whole new game now, folks!

Of course, all comments will be moderated. While we welcome honesty and openness, we do ask you to use a decent amount of intelligence in your comments.

So, all that being said, we open the gate. Come on in, make yourself at home.

Pig world is YOUR world.

It is with much regret and a deep sense of loss that we announce the passing of Steve "Wild Man" Taylor, Pegleg Pig's bass player and, above all, our friend.
Our thoughts and prayers of healing go out to his family. Their loss is the deepest.
Steve was a natural no-nonsense kind of guy, and an inspiration to all who knew him. He endured a great deal of physical pain for a long period of time, but he never gave up fighting to come out on top. He was in the process of overcoming dependence on medications, and had regained focus of purpose with the determination that was so natural to his personality. In the end, it was an unforeseen set of circumstances that took Steve out of our lives.
We were fortunate to have Steve's playing on a couple of tracks for our current project. We would have him on every song if we had our way. To replace him is unthinkable at this point. We can only progress with his spirit in mind and try to do him proud. Personally, I believe that's what Steve would have expected.
We are going to finish an idea Steve had contributed for a song, an idea which illustrates his bent towards Texas blues. If we do it right, it could very well be the best thing we'll ever do.
We'll never say goodbye. Steve will always be with us, behind every beat. His spirit will be the bottom end that drives us, as his playing drove each song he contributed to.
Steve, we miss you. We wish you peace and happiness in your new journey. We know you're never more than a heartbeat away.
Peace, and peace.


Pegleg Pig is ( l-r ) Stormin' Norm Morrow  ( Lead/backing vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drum machine ), Jim "Jimass" Bottoms ( Lead vocals, harmonica, percussion. THE main voice of Pegleg Pig. ), Steve "Wild Man" Taylor ( Bass guitar, backing vocals, harmonica ), John "Music Man" Meena ( Guitars, keyboards, harmonica ).

 Stormin' Norm here, wishing everyone a hearty hello!

Pegleg Pig has been in an existence of sorts since October of 2011. It all began with Jim and myself as a means of experimenting with music concepts, some new, some ideas going back to 1994. Jim was providing the lead vocals while I covered instrumental necessities and backing vocals.

A few songs into our first project, we were fortunate to gain the addition of John on guitar and keyboards. About this time, Steve also became involved, picking up duties on bass guitar.

Unfortunately, Steve was able to play on only two songs from our first album. The next couple of years were hard on Steve, owing to spinal and hip problems which required medical attention. It was a long haul, but he finally got the go-ahead and he was back in the line-up. To Steve's credit, he came into the second album in the final stages, which meant he basically had to play catch-up. Every bass line on our second album belongs to him, and I have to say, he came back in grand style.

This alliance of four came about over a period of years involving various band affiliations. It's safe to say that Pegleg Pig contains a combined musical experience of well over a hundred years. That's a bunch of riffs, I tell you what!

For all of us, there was a period of at least seven years where the necessities of everyday life caused music to be put on a cold back burner. What began as a means of tinkering with little off-beat ideas has evolved into a determined group with the sole intention of doing the kind of music we like in the hope that others will find something that stirs that still water of the soul.

We like to believe our music can't be held to one single genre. True, we are heavily rock-oriented, but in listening you will discover influences in style that hint at our pasts.

We are proud of the fact that all production on our albums is totally from our own cloven hooves. Various DAWs in odd rooms of different houses serve as our recording studio, and there is no suit telling us "With a bullet!" We've learned with each album, and while production may not always be top-notch, it is completely Pig. And it's going to just keep getting better.

We are hoping to add a drummer to our line-up, with the idea of doing some live shows. We would like it to be recognized that we are as solid live as we are in the studio.

And with that, I close Pegleg Pig's first official blog. There will be more coming, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from my partners in music crime as well. Next time maybe I'll tell you why I WON'T own a monkey.

Wishing all well, enjoy life, run with The Pig! 


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PEGLEG PIG is pleased to have you as our guest. Feel free to look around, listen to the music, even give us your feedback. If you like, you can go to our contact page and leave us a message. Hopefully, you will find all to your liking. In the meantime, taste the tears, burn with the rage, and exhilarate in the joy that is the PIG !  

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